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Pet Tip #14
Insist on having an outdoor dog? Then you must provide proper housing. It is the law! Dog houses should be raised a few inches above the ground. It should be large enough for your dog to walk in and small enough to maintain his body temperature. Provide wheat hay for insulation. Face the door away from the direction of the wind and cover the doorway with a rug remnant. Make a slit in the rug so that he may walk in and out of the house. Plastic dog houses may not be warm enough for your dog.

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As proud owners of two wonderful dogs and years of experience in pet sitting, we appreciate the joy of taking care of pets on a professional and personal level. We provide Pet Sitting services. Many people work full time or may be away from home for several days and worry about the care and safety of their pets.

Our in-home pet sitting services allow you to feel secure knowing that your pets are safe and comfortable in their own home. Let us know how many visits you prefer. One, two, three, or more. We take caring for your pet seriously and are business bonded, insured, and licensed. Critter Sitter is certified in Pet First Aid and CPR because we believe in the safety of your pets. Contact us for a free in-home consultation at:

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